Northumbria University forms part of the Wallace group which was established in 2005 bringing together 6 of the UK’s leading sporting universities ; Bath, Durham, Loughborough,  Northumbria , UWIC and Stirling to work on strategic international sport development projects. In 2011 the group was also joined by St.Andrews University.

The Wallace group works in partnership with UK Sport to deliver the Zambia IDEALS project (International Development, Education and Leaderships through Sport). This community project based in the capital city, Lusaka, utilises the skills of students to engage with children and young people through the delivery of physical activity and sport to educate about HIV/AIDS.

In pairs students work with local peer leaders and site coordinators from two partner NGO’s (Non Government Organisations), Sport In Action and EduSport on a 6 week placement in one of the community sites around Lusaka; Kalingalinga, Chipata, Munali, Chawama, Ngombe, and Fountain of hope.

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